The less we let in, the less we have to let go…

I know of the strength

That takes to love again

I know of the fear

that keeps us in our lair

so what is the true answer

to this mystery of courage and dare

Is it to stay or leave

Is to stop or be free

I guess the answer hangs between yes and no

The less we let in, the less we have to let go

calm in storm, anxious in the quiet

she is strong,

she is bold,

she is smart with a heart of gold,

she moves ahead with all her might,

not deterred by the darkness of the night,

she is the kind to change the course of river,

for she believes in never say never,

isn’t she what we all want to be,

strong rooted like a tree,

one might wonder what stops her despite,

part of her mystery is,

how she is calm in the storm and anxious in the quiet…

If only I had….

If only I had not made that mistake,

if only I had walked away,

If only I had stayed,

if only I had left sooner,

If only I had stayed longer,

if only I had said no,

If only I had said yes,

if only I was prettier,

if only I was thinner,

if only I was smarter,

if only I was more successful,

if only I was richer,

If only I was happier,

If only I was good,

If only I was kind,

If only I was at peace,

If only I was happy,

If only I was in love,

If only I was not naive,

If only I was this,

If only I was that,

If only I could allow myself to be me

bloom bloom bloom

and too often we put our happiness in the fragile hands of others, we let others decide for us, we let actions of other decide how we feel…

point is to bloom so well that buds fall of your bones and the earth beneath you breaks…

put your happiness in your goals, dreams, passions, things that truly matter, let every experience only let you bloom even further…

Choose what helps you bloom and then bloom with grace…