Whats it about flowers that gives it fragrance to the hand that crushes it…..


Often I find people giving their whole selves to people who never meet them with the same passion. So why is it that some of us are drawn to such situations which always leave us feeling empty ?

If we think about it the easiest one to assume is the lack of self-esteem which pushes some of us to seek out people who we place on a pedestal above ourselves and any affection or attention we receive from them makes us worthy…simple, overstated but very true…childhood traumas are usually to blame for this…lack of attention, affection from parents, constant criticism all lead to such scripts

At times it may even go deeper than this. It relates back to what we think Love is. So many of us truly desire love and often enough we unknowingly push it away. What we desire is the ecstasy of infatuation which somewhere distracts us…

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