Goodbye Worry !

There are so many posts, articles, quotes and self-proclaimed gurus who advise us daily against worry. Worrying is bad, useless, pointless etc etc…but none of it truly helps. Worry just doesn’t go away when we read those posts. It is a stubborn guest. It won’t leave. It will only convince you why you need it.

So how does one break this endless vicious cycle of catastrophic thoughts ? how do we break this pattern? These are important questions but the more important question is “Do we even want to be free of worry?” Too Many people would want to break free from worry but they truly believe worry is essential to their well-being. They have convinced themselves that worry is necessary for them to survive and avoid anything bad from happening or even be prepared when something bad were to happen. These people always fallback to their ways cause they have convinced themselves that worrying is important for them. So first step is to answer whether you truly want to be worry free? If the answer is yes the read on…

Getting rid of worry takes time, effort and patience. There is no other way out of it. It is a manifestation of an underlying belief or pattern of thinking that needs to be addressed. There are many coping techniques but to be truly worry-free, its critical that one addresses the root cause and not the symptoms.

So how do you address the root-cause? Years of research have proven that Therapy along with medication is the best cure for worry warts. This along with good nutrition, meditation and relaxation can truly heal a person. However not everyone can take the step to go to a therapist, its not easy for everyone to go and seek help from an absolute stranger. Its a brave thing to do but lets be honest, not everyone will do it. For those of you looking to solve your issues by yourselves, I would highly recommend you listen to Podcasts on this topic and also try out hypnosis by Marissa Peer. I particularly find the podcasts by The Anxiety Guy exceptional. Whats great about The Anxiety Guy is the fact that he suffering from chronic anxiety for years so it is very relatable.

When it comes down to healing, the only way is to put in the effort and wait for the natural healing to take place. It gets dark before it gets better and if you really want to be worry free, you will be ready to face this darkness. Just believe that you will be fine and trust me with the right effort and patience, it does get better.

So don’t just cope, cure it. Good Vibes to all !

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