we are stars wrapped in skin, the light we seek has always been within

i looked for it in my grades

i looked for it in my braids

i tried to search in my mothers eyes

i reached out for it in my fathers voice

i cared for too long

just one word to prove am not so wrong

i tried to find it in others

people absolute strangers

i kept looking but never saw

what did I stand for

i thought i was lost

for one can never find a ghost

till it hit me one fine evening

we are all stars wrapped in skin

the light we seek has always been within


seasons change

memories remain

moon disappears

and reappears

tears flows

breathing slows

faint smile arrives

a sense of wonder strikes

where was I all this time

was I lost or blind

why did it take so long

where were you all this while

what was I chasing time after time

its so strange when I finally realised

that you are just a state of mind…

Whats it about flowers that gives it fragrance to the hand that crushes it…..


Often I find people giving their whole selves to people who never meet them with the same passion. So why is it that some of us are drawn to such situations which always leave us feeling empty ?

If we think about it the easiest one to assume is the lack of self-esteem which pushes some of us to seek out people who we place on a pedestal above ourselves and any affection or attention we receive from them makes us worthy…simple, overstated but very true…childhood traumas are usually to blame for this…lack of attention, affection from parents, constant criticism all lead to such scripts

At times it may even go deeper than this. It relates back to what we think Love is. So many of us truly desire love and often enough we unknowingly push it away. What we desire is the ecstasy of infatuation which somewhere distracts us…

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If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there…


This is my first canvas piece created about a decade ago. During this time of my life I was staring at many options and many would bes. I was to decide the course of the rest of my life with my limited world view and naive outlook. Life has a way of suddenly shaking you up. After raging a war on my family for independence all my teen years, I realised the responsibility it demands in return.

No more could one allow things to take their own time and shape. I had to decide and I had to do it all by myself. During that time I decided to do what I had always enjoyed and allow the answers to come to me. Painting always made me feel aligned with my higher self that speaks in a quiet voice that I wait to hear for guidance…

I am particularly proud…

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What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?


There are moments in our life when we are absolutely engulfed with fear and uncertainty. When everything seems to go wrong and nothing seems to be working out. The world feels like its conspiring to bring us down. Its takes every bit of energy from the last cell in our body to keep pushing, to keep moving ahead. We may overcome challenges and tough situations easily, we may have great coping skills but still so many of us fear change and stick to the known. We never take the plunge into something new and stick to “safe”. We are too afraid to fall so we never fly. This fear is a test of strength, knowledge, self-control or its just pushing our limits.

A friend recently taught me that not living upto our potential is a sin and that hit hard.

So I want to urge everyone to look at any…

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calm in storm, anxious in the quiet

she is strong,

she is bold,

she is smart with a heart of gold,

she moves ahead with all her might,

not deterred by the darkness of the night,

she is the kind to change the course of river,

for she believes in never say never,

isn’t she what we all want to be,

strong rooted like a tree,

one might wonder what stops her despite,

part of her mystery is,

how she is calm in the storm and anxious in the quiet…

The backward law of Uncertainty


The more one tries to be certain and secure, the more uncertain and insecure one feels. What do people fear most in this world? Death? Suffering? Loss? Pain? its the unknown that scares the most…

Chasing the ever elusive certainty makes a person spiral in to a path that leads nowhere. It only opens up more uncertain situations and this chase continues to be endless. The universe thrives on uncertainty and being a consequence of random events. Naturally, the more one embraces not knowing, the more comfortable one gets in knowing the unknown.

So trust the wait, embrace the uncertain, it doesn’t have a title today but it could be a very powerful, beautiful chapter of our lives. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

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Goodbye Worry !

There are so many posts, articles, quotes and self-proclaimed gurus who advise us daily against worry. Worrying is bad, useless, pointless etc etc…but none of it truly helps. Worry just doesn’t go away when we read those posts. It is a stubborn guest. It won’t leave. It will only convince you why you need it.

So how does one break this endless vicious cycle of catastrophic thoughts ? how do we break this pattern? These are important questions but the more important question is “Do we even want to be free of worry?” Too Many people would want to break free from worry but they truly believe worry is essential to their well-being. They have convinced themselves that worry is necessary for them to survive and avoid anything bad from happening or even be prepared when something bad were to happen. These people always fallback to their ways cause they have convinced themselves that worrying is important for them. So first step is to answer whether you truly want to be worry free? If the answer is yes the read on…

Getting rid of worry takes time, effort and patience. There is no other way out of it. It is a manifestation of an underlying belief or pattern of thinking that needs to be addressed. There are many coping techniques but to be truly worry-free, its critical that one addresses the root cause and not the symptoms.

So how do you address the root-cause? Years of research have proven that Therapy along with medication is the best cure for worry warts. This along with good nutrition, meditation and relaxation can truly heal a person. However not everyone can take the step to go to a therapist, its not easy for everyone to go and seek help from an absolute stranger. Its a brave thing to do but lets be honest, not everyone will do it. For those of you looking to solve your issues by yourselves, I would highly recommend you listen to Podcasts on this topic and also try out hypnosis by Marissa Peer. I particularly find the podcasts by The Anxiety Guy exceptional. Whats great about The Anxiety Guy is the fact that he suffering from chronic anxiety for years so it is very relatable.

When it comes down to healing, the only way is to put in the effort and wait for the natural healing to take place. It gets dark before it gets better and if you really want to be worry free, you will be ready to face this darkness. Just believe that you will be fine and trust me with the right effort and patience, it does get better.

So don’t just cope, cure it. Good Vibes to all !